Self Loading Rifle (SLR) 7.62mm L1A1

The SLR is the standard combat rifle of the infantry


Sterling Submachine Gun (SMG) 9mm L2A

The SMG is the personal weapon used by service women, drivers and signallers. Within the units it is being replaced by the SA80 (see below).


Browning 9mm semi-automatic Pistol (GP35)

The 9mm Browning pistol is the personal weapon for commanders.


5.56mm Individual Weapon (WI) (SA80)

The SA 80 Individual Weapon is made by Heckler and Koch (UK) and fires NATO standard 5.56 x 45mm ammunition; and has been in service with the JDF since 1992.
  • Weight 4.98kg complete with loaded magazine and optical sight.
  • Length 750mm.
  • Muzzle Velocity 940mls.
  • Feed 30 round magazine.
  • Effective range 500m.
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire 610/770 rounds/min.

Heavy Barrel Automatic (HBA)

This equipment, as with the "light barrel" rifle, originated in Belgium and the JDF holds the Australian version. This rifle is fitted with a "heavy" barrel with permanent fittings and has a 30 round capacity magazine. This weapon has an effective fire range of up to 900m.


General Purpose Machine-gun (GPMG) 7.62mm L7A

The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) can be used in the light role but is more normally used in the sustained fire role mounted on a tripod.   The weapon is operated by a two man team.   The GPMG can be used at Battalion level in the fire support role.
  • Range 800m (Light Role), 1,800m (Sustained Fire Role)
  • Muzzle Velocity 538 m/s.
  • Length 1.23m
  • Weight loaded 13.85kg (gun + 50 rounds)
  • Belt Fed Rate of Fire up to 750 rpm
  • Rate of Fire Light Role 100 rpm>
  • Rate of Fire Sustained Fire Role 200 rpm.


Grenade Launcher (M79)

The 40 mm US-made grenade launcher, M79, is a single shot, breakopen, breech-loading, shoulder-fired weapon. A rubber recoil pad is attached to the butt of the stock to partially absorb the recoil. The minimum range of this weapon is 400m.

51mm Mortar

The 51mm Light Mortar is a Platoon level, indirect fire weapon that can be carried and fired by one man. The mortar is used to fire smoke, illuminating and HE rounds out to a range of approximately 750m; a short range insert device enables the weapon to be used in close quarter battle situations with accuracy.
  • Range 750m
  • Bomb Weight 800 gms (illum), 900 gms (smk), 920 gms (HE)
  • Rapid Rate of Fire 8 rpm
  • Length of barrel 700mm
  • Weight Complete 6.275 kg
  • Calibre 51.25mm.

81mm Mortar

The 81mm Mortar is a Battalion level indirect fire weapon which is capable of providing accurate HE, smoke and illuminating rounds out to a maximum range of 5,650m.
  • Max Range HE 5,650m
  • Muzzle Velocity 225m/s
  • Length of barrel 1280mm
  • In action Weight 35.3 kg
  • Bomb Weight HE L3682 4.2 kg
  • Rate of Fire 15 rpm.
  • Calibre 81mm.

50 Calibre Browning Heavey Barrel Machine Gun

The 50 Caliber Machine Gun is carried onboard the three County Class Patrol Ships of the JDF Coast Guard - HMJS Cornwall Middlesex and Surrey. Each ship mounts two machine guns on both sides of the bow.
  • Weight of Gun - 84 lbs/38.15 kg
  • Weight of Barrel - 28 lbs/11.8 kg
  • Length of Gun - 65.13 inches/1.654 metres
  • Length of Barrel - 45 inches/1.45 metres
  • Rate of Fire - 450 - 500 rounds per minute
  • Maximum Range - 7,400 yards
  • Max Effective Range - 1,650 yards
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