Joining the Reserves


Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing (National Reserve)
  • Entry Requirement
    • Officers
    • Soldiers
  • Contact Information

Candidates are drawn from former members of the Jamaica Defence Force who have served in the JDF Air Wing as pilots.

The Jamaica Defence Force currently does not recruit personnel to serve as an enlisted rank in the JDF Air Wing (National Reserve). Reserve pilots on duty are supported by airmen and technicians from the Regular Force.

Contact Information

For further information, write to:

JDF Air Wing (National Reserve)
SO 1 G1 (Personnel and Administration)
Jamaica Defence Force
Up Park Camp
Kingston 5

Telephone: (876) 926-8121-9, Extension 2007

Fax: (876) 926-8243


  • Entry Requirement
    • Officers
    • Sailors
    • Contact Information
  • The Potential Officer candidate should have had tertiary training, and ideally be between the ages of 22 and 28.
  • An application in writing should be submitted, complete with a resume, and proof of qualification. Diplomas, degrees, and certificates may be copied and submitted, but the originals will be required at the interview, usually conducted by a panel of senior officers.
  • The next stage involves a series of medical tests, after which the candidate attends a selection exercise over a three-day period. Here a panel of officers will test and observe the participants in various activities designed to display manner, leadership qualities, creativity, and communication skills. At the end of the exercise, a final interview is held, and the candidate is advised of the results.
  • If successful, a date will be given for the start of basic training. The Potential Officer will attend a Officer’s Selection Board only after his initial naval training, whereupon, if successful, he or she is appointed an Officer Cadet, and then moves on to further Officer’s training.
  • If at any stage of being processed to become an officer a candidate becomes disqualified, he or she cannot rejoin in the enlisted rank.

The candidate who wishes to become a sailor (not an Officer) should be 18 years of age. He or she should complete an application form, and upon request, attend medical testing and several other tests that are all conducted on the same day. Some time is allowed for the tabulation of all the test scores, but after all deliberations have been completed, the successful candidate will be called in to begin basic training.


For further information, write to:

Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard (National Reserve)
Recruiting Officer
JDF Coast Guard
Port Royal
Kingston 1

Telephone: (876) 967-8031-2

Fax: (876) 967-8278