Entry Requirements

  • Nationality

    Applicants will be eligible if they are of Jamaican nationality.

  • Age

    Applicants must be between 18 and 23 years on the day of enlistment. Pensionable service counts from the age of 18 years. Those under the age of 18 must have parental consent.

  • Educational Standards

    The minimum requirement for enlisting in the JDF is a Grade Nine Academic Achievement.

    Applicants eligible for training will be determined by the results achieved on the JDF Entrance Test (set by JDF Recruiting Board).

  • Physical and Medical Standards

    Candidates must be physically fit and free from any medical disabilities or limitations. All potential entrants must undergo and pass the JDF medical examination and physical fitness test. In addition, persons undergoing basic/recruit training must pass a military swim test by the conclusion of training in order to successfully pass-out (graduate).
Terms of Service

As a general rule, all recruits (males and females) enlist on a six-year engagement.   Engagements may be extended for further periods.  At any time within two years of completing his/her service, soldiers may apply to serve for a further period until they have completed a continuous period of 22 years. This allows a soldier to serve for 22 years from their 18th birthday or date of attestation and so qualify for a pension.