JDF Workshop (JDF W)


The Jamaica Defence Force Workshop has evolved from the Military Workshop of the West Indian Regiment of pre-Independent Jamaica. Noteworthy, during the British rule, the Military Workshop of the West Indian Regiment was located at the present site of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Transport and Repairs Department (across the road from The Queen’s Gate, on Arthur Winter Drive.

The workshop was responsible for the repairs of carriages and the making of accessories for horses; maintenance of weaponry; and welding and metal fabrication.

The Military Workshop also concurrently perform carpentry duties with the then Engineering Unit dealing with the woodwork aspect of vehicle repairs, repairs of tables, desks, chairs and benches for the church.  

After independence, the JDF Workshop was raised up and relocated to its present site, in Lathbury Barracks, Up Park Camp. Although the location has changed, the functions of the workshop are essentially the same, and in some regards are expanding.

On a daily basis, the JDF uses equipment, machinery, weapons and vehicles.  The effectiveness of the JDF depends on the reliability of its equipment as well as the skills of its members. The JDF Workshop is required to perform an essential role in the regular inspection, maintenance and modification of mechanical, electrical and aeronautical items to ensure they are always ready for action.

Departments to be found in the JDF Workshop are as follows;

Vehicle Mechanic Shop
Motor Vehicle Transmission Repairs Shop
Vehicle Electrical Shop
Vehicle Welding and repairs Shop
Painting and Spray Shop
Upholstery Shop
Radiator Repairs Shop
Woodwork and Joinery Shop
Metal Fabrication Shop
Small Engine repairs Shop
Battery Shop
Armory Shop
Machine Shop
Blacksmith Shop
Telecommunications and instrument department

These departments are supported by the general store that procures all required equipment and spares through the JDF Supply Depot.

The JDF Workshop’s logo was adapted from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). It depicts a Unicorn standing on its hind legs on the globe, with a crown on its head and a chain around its neck in front of a lightning strike and a banner with ‘REME’ written in the background. The logo was slightly modified to suit the newly raised JDF Workshop and the Banner now reads ‘JDF EME’.

Standards are maintained by rigorous training, locally and internationally, in the traditional REME fashion.

JDF W conducts mainly first line repairs on vehicles and equipment. Its main Workshop and a Light Aid Detachment are in Up Park Camp but forward repair teams are established at various military bases around Jamaica.