JDF Training Depot (JDF Trg Depot)


This sub-unit is the JDF’s principal institution for recruit training. It is located at Newcastle Hill Station (the camp established in 1841 to give British troops in Jamaica a change of air, so as to combat the high death toll from the dreaded yellow fever disease).

The JDF Training Depot: Newcastle Hill Station

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Training Depot is one of the six sub-units that form part of the Support and Services Battalion. The raining Depot is nestled in the cool hills of upper St Andrew. The JDF Training Depot is lavished with a rich history that dates back over a century. It was utilized initially as a base camp for British troops stationed in Jamaica. Currently, the facility is being utilized as a training institution to train recruits,  conduct cadres and other refresher courses. The operations of the facility are underpinned by the mission statement:

‘To provide the highest quality training for the development of members of the force which is relevant in a changing society, through the professionalism, dedication and creativity of the training staff, while being cognizant of our historical significance and environmental responsibilities.’


The JDF Training Depot has three main departments, these are:

a.         Permanent Staff, which comprises personnel employed at the Training Depot. They include the Sub-Unit’s Detachment Commander, Administrative Officer, Depot Sergeant Major and other members of the permanent staff.

b.         Cadre Wing, which includes the Training Officer, his instructing staff and the students of each course.

c.         Recruit Wing, which consist of the Recruit Training Officer, his instructing staff and the recruits.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Permanent Staff is the nucleus of the Training Depot and has the overall responsibility for the camp’s administration.

The Cadre Wing is directly responsible for the running of cadres (promotional courses) and other refresher courses. This department, which is run by the Cadre Wing Training Officer, is driven by the following mission statement and objective:

‘To provide the highest quality training for the development of efficient, skilful, committed, dedicated, disciplined, indoctrinated, and professional junior and senior non-commissioned officers. On completion of the course they should possess the confidence which allow them to lead and motivate those under their command in the most adverse of conditions.’

With the main effort being to indoctrinate members of the Cadre Wing, delivering current and relevant information in a creative way, while being cognizant of tradition and the historical significance of the JDF, and the JDF Training Depot.

The Recruit Wing is directly responsible for training new entrants, transforming them from their civilian bearings to one of the highest military standard. This department is run by the Recruit Wing Training Officer and is driven by the following mission statement:

‘To produce a highly trained, highly skilled, motivated and disciplined individual who takes tremendous pride in the achievements of the past, seize the demands and opportunities of the present and focus always on the challenges of the future while being fully aware of the military covenant and strive to live by the core values of the JDF.’

The JDF Training Depot has produced several of Jamaica’s outstanding leaders and continues to develop them. The tradition of the past and some that has been fashioned over the years continue to be maintained. The JDF Training Depot sparks dread in some minds and wonderful memories in many others. Many lessons have been learnt and many lessons were taught, many minds were made and many were broken. There were many achievements in the past but the Training Depot continues to strive for higher heights of achievement grounded in   the belief that there were: ‘No obstacle too difficult, No task too great’.>