JDF Military Police Coy

By: JDF/24679 Sergeant A Getfield, Platoon Sergeant

Policing the Military

The Unit responsible for enforcing law and maintaining security within the confines of the military bases in Jamaica is the Jamaica Defence Force Provost Unit. The Provost Unit was formed in 1962 and is one of the seven sub-units that make up the Support and Services Battalion.

Main Roles:

Military Police patrolling the
grounds of Up Park Camp
Military Police manning the main
entry to Up Park Camp

Protection of military personnel who are at high risk

- Prevention of crime by providing high profile uniformed patrols to deter and reduce the opportunity for crime.

- Law enforcement within the military community, and the maintenance of military discipline.

Military Police Motto proudly displayed

BY EXAMPLE WE LEAD” is the Unit’s Motto. The members of the unit are referred to as military Police and stand out well, when compared to other soldiers of the Force. The result is a Sub-Unit that epitomizes the characteristics of what makes good soldiers.

Much emphasis is placed on discipline and professionalism within the Unit. Once a soldier joins the Provost Unit, he or she is required to undergo basic military police training. Other development courses are also provided both locally and overseas.

The JDF Provost Unit comprises three platoons and is staffed by one Officer, the Officer Commanding; and 98 Other Ranks. Two General Duty platoons are responsible for the day to day policing of their base and the third, an Administrative Platoon, takes care of the Detention Quarters, Special Investigation Branch, Canine Section and Stores for the Unit.

The General Duty (GD) platoons duties cover the manning of the main gates, camp patrolling and general security of the base at Up Park Camp, Kingston. The Special Investigation Branch (SIB) conducts investigations, crime analysis and provides information that drives the operations that are conducted by the GD Platoons. The Canine Section provides operational support as required by the Sub-Unit and for external Unit operations. The dogs are used mainly to check luggage for en large deployments overseas. The Red Fence Detention Quarters is used to incarcerate soldiers.

A group of soldiers proudly holds their Military Police certification.

It is not all typical work at the Unit, and involvement in sports is strongly supported. The sports program ensures the soldiers fitness through participation in competitions such as football, drill, basketball and March and Shoot. Not dropping their guard, and taking the sports program as seriously as their policing duties, place the sub-unit at the top among the other sub-units in the Battalion. In the past year, the Unit won the athletics and cross country competitions and placed second in volleyball and football

The Unit makes time for lighter activities and family fun days are one of such. This is involved beach-outing and luncheon that include family members and close friends of members of the Unit. These activities help to build and maintain high morale among the Force military police. The Sub-Unit also host fundraising events from which the Unit benefits.

The wealth of experience, discipline and knowledge soldiers gain as Military Police serves not only to develop exemplary soldiers, but proves an asset when the soldiers return to civilian life. A Military Police always stands out above the average soldier. The Unit beckons to soldiers who desire to be a ‘cut above the rest’.