JDF Logistics Company

This sub-unit meets the needs for the JDF’s daily functions. It ordnance duties include procuring items from ‘a pin to an anchor’, and storing, issuing and accounting for vehicles, arms, ammunition and equipment.


In 1962 a unit the JAMAICA MILITARY STORES was formed, it later became the JAMAICA DEFENCE FORCE Logistics Company (JDFLogs Coy) in 1973 to deal with the procurement storage and distribution of military stores.

The Jamaica Defence Force Logistics Company (JDFLogs Coy) is the supply arm of the JDF. It is responsible for ensuring that the army’s material needs are met in peacetime and in conflict. This means that ordnance material must be available in the right quantity and condition, at the correct time and place, and in the most economical manner.

Roles of the JDF Logistics Coy:
  1. Equip and maintain the force
  2. Supply of ordnance material
  3. Supply of ration (food)
  4. Inspection and repairing
    1. Ammunition
    2. General stores such as tentage etc
  5. Quality control of ration

Custom broker/clerk – This department is responsible for the clearance of all JDF goods from our ports.

Ammunition Technician - has the responsibility of procurement, storing and issuing of ammunition/Explosives/Weapons. Also advice the headquarters on Ammunition matters.

Butcher – ensures that the meats for the Force is cut and prepare for delivery to the various Units

Supply specialist – responsible for the procurement of supplies both locally and overseas

Printer - is responsible for the printing of all military documents used by the Force.

Accounting clerk - processes all bills for the Supply depot. Bills such as ration, clothing bedding etc.

Store clerk – receive, check, store, and distribute supplies.

Reprographic center reproduced documents and the generating of purchase orders and other documents.