The units' primary role is the development of professionals in the art of war and the conduct of land battles, while being prepared for all aspects of combat operations. In addition, the units provide troops in support of the overall roles of the Jamaica Defence Force, namely:

  • To defend Jamaica against external aggression;
  • To aid the civil power in the maintenance of law and order;
  • To assist in the maintenance of essential services in times of emergency;
  • To assist and protect the civil population in the event of war or natural disaster;
  • To provide air, sea and land search and rescue operations;
  • To provide troops for international peace keeping operations; and
  • To provide military ceremonial.
Operational Duties

The operational commitments of the units vary with their location. The units are rotated annually, stationed either at Up Park Camp or Moneague Training Camp. The Kingston-based unit is committed to assisting the civil police in maintaining law and order. The battalion at Moneague is tasked with two operations, marijuana eradication and assisting the civil police in maintaining law and order in some rural areas.

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