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Honour Roll Of Commanding Officers Of The Second Battalion Jamaica Regiment since 21st May 1979.

A ‘Commanding Officer’ in the JDF context is a person who is appointed by the Chief Of Staff to be in charge of a body of servicemen (a unit) over which he has direct authority.   He is responsible for the security of his command (geographical area in which his troops are stationed) and for the training, security, discipline, education, health, welfare, morale and general efficiency of the servicemen (this includes women) under his command. 

Below is a list of persons who have had the distinction of serving as Commanding Officer The Second Battalion Jamaica Regiment since 21 May 1979.

2008 – 2010 Lt Col A F Sewell MBA, MA, BSc (Hons), psc (j)
2003 – 2008 Lt Col D G Pryce MVO, MBA, psc
1998 – 2003 Lt Col L A Marshall Bsc (Hons), MMs
1993 – 1998 Lt Col A V Carter Bsc (Hons) psc
1991 – 1993 Lt Col J E Precod, MVO, psc
1987 – 1991 Lt Col A G Douglas, psc
1982 – 1987 Lt Col N A Ogilvie, BA, Dip - Ms, psc
1980 – 1982 Lt Col D M Ormbsy
1979 – 1980 Lt Col T N Macmillan, CD