Battalion History


Second Battalion The Jamaica Regimental Colour, the symbols and their significance

In the late 1970’s there was great need for a second regular battalion, as the  JDF was heavily tasked with giving assistance to the civil power in the pre-election period.

On 21 May 1979 the Second Battalion the Jamaica Regiment (2JR) came together for the first time in the men's Dining Hall at the Moneague Training Camp in St Ann, where they were addressed by their first commanding officer.

The 21st May 1979 is therefore regarded as the birthday of 2JR, and Moneague Training Camp as the home of the Battalion.

When the Battalion was a month old it was thrust into its first operation in the immediate wake of the June 1979 massive western Jamaica floods. The unit was deployed to the parishes of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland during this operation