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Honour Roll Of Commanding Officers Of The First Battalion The Jamaica Regiment formed 31st July 1962.

A Commanding Officer (CO) is an officer at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, who is appointed by the Chief of Defence Staff to be in charge of a battalion which consists of various sub-units or companies.   The CO is responsible for the security of his command (geographical area in which his troops are stationed) and for the training, discipline, welfare, morale and general efficiency of the service members under his command. 
Below is a list of persons who have had the distinction of serving as Commanding Officer 1 JR
since 31 July 1962.

1962 – 1963                         Lt Col D H Smith
1963 – 1966                         Lt Col D F Robinson
1966 – 1972                         Lt Col R G Green, O.D.
1972 – 1973                         Lt Col R K Barnes
1973 – 1977                         Lt Col L H Lloyd
1977 – 1980                         Lt Col C K Renwick
1980 – 1985                         Lt Col D C Ormsby
1985 – 1990                         Lt Col J H Barnett, psc
1990 – 1995                         Lt Col L H Graham, MSc, psc
1995 – 2000                         Lt Col N W Tomlinson
2000 – 2002                         Lt Col R S Lazarus, MA, psc
2002 – 2008                         Lt Col D P Robinson, psc
2008 – 2009                         Lt Col G S Prendergast, MSc, psc     
2009 – 2011                         Lt Col J S A Ogilvie, MSc, MMAS, BSc (Hons), psc 
2012 – 2013                         Lt Col G S Rowe , JP, MA (Merit), psc(j)