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A counter-subversion component of the JDF, the Military Counter Intelligence Unit (MCIU) was established in 1976 as a part of the Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force. It was formed primarily to mitigate against the effects of subversion of members of the Force. The role subsequently expanded to involve the development of operational intelligence in support of JDF Units involved in Internal Security Operations.

A Captain, who was appointed Staff Officer Intelligence, commanded this Unit and reported directly to the Chief of Staff.

In 1983, the MCIU was renamed Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force Intelligence Unit (HQ JDF Int Unit). It was also given full Unit status under command of a Lieutenant Colonel.


The mission of the HQ JDF Int Unit is to provide timely and accurate intelligence to meet the needs of the JDF and the Nation. To achieve this, the Unit focuses on a multiplicity of areas of intelligence interest, namely:

  • Joint Operations;
  • Personnel security;
  • Protective security;
  • National political and socio-economic issues;
  • Domestic industrial relations; and
  • Regional political, economic and security issues.
The HQ JDF Int Unit collects, collates and disseminates intelligence in the following areas to the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the JDF where applicable:
Operational Intelligence
- related to the operations of the various JDF Units deployed on both Internal Security and Conventional Operations, locally and overseas.
Counter Narcotics Intelligence
- on local narcotics trends and drug trafficking activities within Jamaica and to foreign destinations.
Criminal Intelligence
- on Jamaican crime trends, which involves the monitoring and assessment of criminal activities in Jamaica.
Industrial Intelligence
- in the industrial relations arena, with emphasis on the essential services and other national security interests.
Security Intelligence
- to facilitate the assessment of threats and risks to the JDF and guide the implementation of protective security measures