The following aircraft are used to on the JMAS Wings Course:


The DA40 Diamond Star is ideally suited for abinitio flight training. Rated at 180 horse power it will provide the necessary training performance in the warm climate of Jamaica. The Diamond Star composite material airframe should be resilient to the salty environment of the Jamaica Military Aviation School based at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, thereby reducing preventative maintenance time on the airframe.

The avionics are top-of-the -line with the Garmin 1000 flight deck allowing not only the basic flying skills to be taught, but more advanced such as GPS navigation and instrument flying, which will be transferable to the newest operational fleet on the market. The DA40 Diamond Star is used to conduct the Primary Flight Training (PFT) and the Primary Flight Training Extended Courses over approximately 120 flying hours.

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da42ngThe twin version of the DA40 has similar features to the Diamond Star allowing for a quicker transition for students. The FADEC controlled engines significantly reduces pilot errors during critical engine operations. The low fuel burn of the Twin Star allows for regional training missions to take place at very low costs. It is proposed that the Twin Star be used for the multi-engine course which will do approximately 80 flying hours.

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206bThe ever popular and reliable Bell 206B Jet Ranger has been used as a helicopter turbine trainer for many years. It allows individuals to grasp the basic skills of rotary wing flying at a very low cost. The Jet Ranger is stable enough to conduct all phases of training required of a military pilot such as navigation, instrument flying and advanced manoeuvring. The Jet Ranger is being used for the 4 month Rotary Wing Course at JMAS.

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