The Jamaica Legion




The Jamaica Legion, an affiliate of the British Commonwealth Ex-Services League, was established in 1949. Today, across Jamaica, hundreds of ex-servicemen and women continue to receive assistance from the Legion above what they get from the Government.

The Grand Patron and President is the Governor-General of Jamaica. An Island Council administers the affairs of the Legion and its day to day affairs are administered by an Executive Committee.

Service to the Needy

The Headquarters of the Jamaica Legion is at Curphey Place, Kingston, on lands (part of Up Park Camp) obtained through the Ministry of Defence. In South Manchester, the Legion maintains the Curphey Home for ex-servicemen who have no home or no one to take care of them at home. It was named after the late Colonel Sir Aldington Curphey, one of the founders of the Jamaica Legion and the first four ex-servicemen moved in to the home on 1 January 1957. Other benefits available to members are monthly allowances (150 needy ex-servicemen and women and 28 widows are currently beneficiaries) and clothing, medical, optical and dental assistance.

Affiliation to the JDF

The Jamaica Defence Force is instrumental in the maintenance of the home and grounds. The JDF also contributes towards the financial support of ex-servicemen.

The national ‘Poppy Appeal’ drive is the main means of financial support. The Chairman of the Poppy Appeal Committee is always the Commanding Officer of the Support and Services Battalion of the JDF. The Governor-General takes a personal interest in this drive and launches the Poppy Appeal each year on the first Sunday in October at Curphey Place.

The Legion also receives a subvention from the Government of Jamaica and donations from other organisations, and individuals in both cash and kind. The Legion acknowledged with gratitude this support, which is critical to the continuation of its various services.


The Memorandum of Association of the Jamaica Legion sets out as its main objectives:

  • To bring about the unity of all who have served in Her Majesty's Navy, Army, Air Force or any of the Auxiliary Forces and to foster among them the spirit of comradeship and mutual help and the close ties of active service.
  • To maintain in a united and democratic comradeship all those who have served in Her Majesty's Forces so that neither their efforts nor their interest shall be forgotten, that their welfare and that of the dependants of those who died while serving may be safeguarded, and just and equitable treatment shall be secured to them in respect of the difficulties caused in their lives as a result of their services.
  • To perpetuate the memory of those who died in the service of their country.
  • To foster the spirit of patriotism and public service and loyalty to the Crown.

An Island Council administers the affairs of the Legion.

Message of Appreciation

The Jamaica Legion wishes to record an expression of gratitude for the subvention given by Government and all other organisations, firms and individuals who have generously contributed in cash and kind to assist the Legion in carrying out its' various areas of service.


    The Jamaica Legion
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