Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does an Officers Selection Board entail?


The Officers Selection Board is the process whereby applicants’ leadership qualities are assessed.

STEP 1. Initial interview

  • Once your application is considered you will be invited to attend an interview.
  • This interview is to assess your character and personality and make a judgment of how you would fit into the military.
  • The interviewers will be interested in what interests you, how you develop such interests, how you spend your free time.
  • Your involvement in activities other than the purely academic
  • What positions of authority or responsibility you have held.

STEP 2. Officers Selection Board

  • On passing the interview you are invited to attend a Selection Board.
  • The Selection Board meets at the JDF Training Depot, Newcastle, St Andrew. There are an average of three testing days.
  • Your leadership potential is assessed through a series of outdoor tasks. You will be given a command task to carry out with a group. You will run an obstacle course which tests your ‘upper body’ fitness and overall stamina.
  • Your communications skills will also be assessed.
  • If you pass the Selection Board you will be recommended for a Short Service or Regular Commission. You will then be advised when to you will commence orientation in preparation for Officer training overseas.
  • If you are unsuccessful at the Officer Selection Board, the Jamaica Defence Force still offers a myriad of exciting career opportunities at the Non-Commissioned Officer level, in areas such as the infantry, weaponry, engineering, aviation, logistics, information technology, communications and naval industry skills, among others . You may therefore be invited to enlist under the terms of service of a soldier in the regular force, as your academic qualifications already demonstrate potential and provide a good base for further training and development.

Q. What is The Queen’s Commission?


The Queen’s Commission is the certification for service granted on successful completion of officer training.

It is no ordinary certificate.

It is a parchment which highlights the responsibility each officer undertakes.

The words … “We reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and good Conduct” may seem old fashion, but they express important values.

The Jamaica Defence Force need men and women that can be trusted to lead men and women, who in turn can trust and respect them.

That is why there is careful selection process to choose the individuals who will become Commissioned Officers.

Q. Is there a minimum or set period of service?


  • Terms of service for officers
  • Terms of service for soldiers
  • Terms of service for soldiers
    As a general rule, all recruits enlist on a six-year engagement. Engagements may be extended for further periods. At any time within two years of completing his/her service, soldiers may apply to serve for a further period until they have completed a continuous period of 22 years. This allows a soldier to serve for 22 years from their 18th birthday or date of attestation and so qualify for a pension.

  • Terms of service for officers
    Successful applicants are offered one of two types of commission for service in the Jamaica Defence Force, either a Regular Commission or a Short Service Commission.

    • Regular Commissions
      The holder of a Regular Commission is considered a career officer and may reasonably be expected to serve for up to 22 years.

    • Short Service Commission
      The Short Service Commission is granted for a minimum of seven years upon completion of basic officer training. A Short Service Commissioned Officer may apply for a Regular Commission on completion of the initial period of service.

Q. Does the Jamaica Defence Force offers equal opportunity in the employment of women?


The Jamaica Defence Force is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from qualified candidates regardless of gender (except to the extent necessary to maintain combat effectiveness), and has a strict code of conduct covering racial, sexual discrimination, or harassment.